Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blackberries--not the digital kind

Whoa. Um...ok, way, way too long since I've posted. Eep. Time to get back in the saddle with this baby.

Of course, summer in the PNW makes that pretty easy to do. There's lots of free entertainment to be had (hiking, taking walks, hanging out at the fantabulous public library) and hopefully those are easy things to do all over the country. But I gotta say, foraging is pretty great out here. In the last 3 days I've picked about 4 pounds of these:

They're coming into their own, but as you can probably see, a lot of 'em are still they'll be ripening for the next month or so. Plenty of blackberries whenever I want them. I've made 4 cups into a cobbler:

A very, very easy one courtesy of a FB friend. I love FB way too much for my own good. 

And muffins are next on the list. 

Meanwhile, there's also a cherry plum tree in our driveway. They're kinda small-looking to be plausible plums, but they're definitely edible (and tasty):

So I'm gonna try to take full advantage of the free fruit. 

Meanwhile I've seen chammomile growing wild along the side of the road. I'd love to harvest and dry it to make tea, but it doesn't seem to be blooming before it dies. It needs to flower first before being dried for tea, am I right?


  1. The blackberries look divine!

    Andy foraged some fiddleheads last year, but I couldn't tell (after reading a bunch on the internets) if they were fine to eat or going to make us puke. So we never ate them.

  2. I ate a couple plums and then waited 24 hrs to see if I'd get sick. I'd done some internet research beforehand and was 99 percent sure they'd be fine, but still did a test run to be on the safe side. The blackberries I was pretty sure would be ok, and so far we've been eating thru the cobbler with impunity.