Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The poor person's air conditioning

So. It got up to 104 degrees today. It's supposed to hit at least 100 tomorrow. No a/c in the house, no a/c at my PT office job, no a/c on the bus. It's been a lot more tolerable than I would've expected, but really, I gotta maximize the complainance potential of this scenario, right?

What do you do to stay cool in a situation like this? There's massive hydration, of course. The wearing of natural fibers (I was wearing a rayon slip under my skirt on Monday and boy o boy did I regret that). Eating cold foods (pasta salad, green salads, fruit). But nothing takes the edge off the end of a hot day like:

The summer cocktail. This is a rather poorly-rendered picture of a gin and tonic. Summer cocktails are great in that they don't need lots of booze, and therefore can stretch your alcohol for a lengthy period of time. Lemonade cocktails are also great--lemonade with vodka, with strawberry vodka, with a few splashes of bourbon--good stuff. Gives you a sip of summer, lets you chill out after a hard day, and stretches your liquor cabinet. If you have a fave summer drink, feel free to toss your preferences in the comments.


  1. We are lucky so far this summer in Michigan--no 90+ days yet, I don't think! (I don't think it's gotten much above 80 actually, which is fine with me.) I always have more issues with the humidity than the heat.

    My favorite summer drink is probably a gin rickey. I just eyeball it, but it's basically half a lime squeezed into a glass over ice, along with about the same about of gin. Stir that with club soda, and there you go. Nice and limey, easy to make, and not too sweet.

    I also like what my friend Roberta does with gin and tonics--she adds frozen blueberries. They help cool the drink and when the drink's gone you can eat all the blueberries and feel like you did something healthy!

  2. Oooo. Those sound really good, esp. the frozen blueberries. I'll have to try that sometime.