Monday, August 26, 2013

Garden Update

So things are going pretty good in the garden. The lettuce is in a couple different stages of "bolting" or flowering and going to seed.

The left hand picture is red leaf lettuce, and the right hand that looks like baby dandelions is romaine. I've harvested some of the seeds and replanted them already--I'm hoping to get 1-2 more crops of lettuce before winter hits hard.

I've also got about 2 pounds of chocolate cherry tomatoes off of our plant so far.

With a little luck I'll be able to make a half batch of this tomato jam to can tomorrow. It calls for 5 pounds of tomatoes, so hopefully I can cut in a little of our japanese black tomatoes to bump it to a full 2 1/2 pounds of tomato for the half batch. The Japanese black tomatoes are disappointing thus far. Pleasant enough, but not much of a robust flavor. I might have to sit tight and let them ripen longer even though some of them feel ripe enough and have a ripe texture when they're cut into.

And I've been able to harvest some chard and tomatoes for a pasta stir fry with garlic and chard--oven roasting the tomatoes separately & then folding them into the pasta.

It's a small yield, but I'm making it work.

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